Special Offers

You can use my audio track’s in any commercial project’s, personal video’s on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. forever, worldwide, without watermark’s. All you have to do is buy a Full Access License. Or simply write yourself a Blanket License 🙂 See available plans.

This is a special offer to receive my entire library via 4 (four) subscription plans:

In my portfolio – more than 500+ full tracks for commercial use written for several years. I suggest you receive my entire library at a great discount or absolutely for free 🙂

It is known that the average cost of one standard / extended license for one track on the some site Pond5 or AudioJungle or another stock music sites starting from $19 to $29 and more.

On my site you can buy, all the library at once, paying average only $0.15 – $0.30 per track. Really! The total cost of the entire library with maximum discount as part of a Special Offer is $79 (for Early plan) and $149 (for Unlimited plan) ONLY 🙂 More information about Plans you can read here.

Simply select plan and get your benefits:

  • Opportunity to monetize your videos
  • Full access license for your projects
  • Whitelisting your video channel
  • Unlimited number of projects and videos
  • Opportunity to promote your projects and videos in unlimited territory around the world
  • One-time payment for “perpetual use” of tracks (Unlimited Subscription Plan)
  • Individual licensing (License Designer)
  • Weekly update of music material
  • Full package of accompanying documents (contracts, invoices)
  • Various payment methods (credit / debit cards, PayPal)
  • Support from BeepCode Media Production for any questions related to my music 24 / 365

If  you are great Company or Advertising Agency, or TV / Radio channel and you need a documents: contract, invoice, after registration you can fill out this form, I send to you standard document’s and we sign it. Send your form via e-mail and I will contact you within a few hours to clarify the details of your order.

Especially for you, I chose the best tracks for licensing and placed them in the “Editor’s Picks” section. Here you will find two options: individual tracks and collections. Use what meets your requirements 🙂

This is a special offer to receive Editor’s Picks music in several categories:

If you do not need to license the entire library through Subscription Plans and you plan to buy only one or a few tracks or a collection (with a discount), you can do it immediately. Each track is “packed” in a separate spoiler, has a description and contains an archive with files. I propose two formats – .mp3 and .wav, as well as a license template for self-completion by you and a general commercial proposal for further cooperation in .pdf and .docx formats.

Simply select the desired section in the Editor’s Picks menu and start listening to the tracks 🙂

Blanket licensing is gaining momentum and many large companies use this mechanism to be competitive. It is no secret that at the moment the market supply of music exceeds the market demand for it.

For companies from the media field and for large YouTube video channels, I offer a specialized Blanket License that allows you to use my entire library for free in exchange for cue sheets. All you need to do is fill out cue sheets (indicate the project or projects in which you want to use my music – all or individual tracks).

A letter with a completed form will come to me by e-mail automatically. After that within 24 hours you will receive links to download files in the original .wav format, which, as you know, are more convenient to use for editing video. In Addition you receive text of individual Full Access License and your YouTube channel (or channel your client’s) will be placed in a white list. You can also not wait for the links to .wav files and download the same tracks in .mp3 format in the “Free Playlists” section (for previewing or for using directly in your video project). And all this is completely free for you 🙂

Due to the fact that the Blanket License implies the active use of musical material, it is logical to assume that the company or YouTube channel must be large enough so that the video / project you create can generate revenue in a certain time range.

In this regard, I suggest you determine in advance how useful the use of a Blanket License will be for you and your project and what specific benefits you will get from this. I think that blanket licensing is best suited for YouTube video channels:

  • With more than 25,000 subscribers
  • With the number of subscribers less than 25,000, but having good dynamics and growth prospects
  • Which have at least 5-10 videos with at least 1 million views

These are general recommendations, but, ultimately, of course, you decide which type of licensing to choose. I am ready to cooperate with everyone and with everyone. The main criterion is your desire to develop and make our world better 🙂

More information about the Blanket License you can read here. If you have additional questions, you can always contact customer support.

One non-exclusive library. FOUR plans. More then 500+ tracks. For this website only. Great deal!

To view the tracks and download them, you can go to the section Freebies and click on the link “Free Playlists”. You can download each track individually and use the music in your videos completely free of charge or subscribe depending on the type of license you need.

For your cue sheets: my nickname is BeepCode, BMI IPI: 696636782

Thank you in advance 🙂