Subscription Plans

*** All Subscription Plan’s is valid without restrictions on the territory and time.


Official license for royalty free music: including a license key (which you get when you buy) allows you to monetize your videos legally. Moreover, and most importantly: I will add your video channel to the white list and you will not receive stamps.

You can freely monetize your videos. You will be able to present the text of your individual license to those who ask for it. You will have the opportunity to receive as part of your subscription new tracks (1 track per week) in the future. You will be able to comply with the law and act legally.

You will be redirected to the individual license page and can receive the text of the license in pdf format by e-mail within 24 hours. Also I add your YouTube channel in to AdRev whitelist.

Yes, you can unsubscribe. But maybe some of your videos will get copyright claims. Therefore, if you want to continue to monetize your videos, you need to continue to pay a subscription (early) or pay once for an Unlimited Subscription Plan.

Yes of course! This subscription works for all royalty free music on this site, including for future tracks. This is the main benefit of buying an Unlimited Subscription Plan.

I can add only one YouTube channel to the whitelist. If you have several channels, you must pay extra for each channel, and I will add as many channels as you need. You receive a 50% discount on each new channel from your list.

Sorry, no, you can only subscribe to all the royalty free tracks that are provided by the subscription. Getting access to the entire music library is an advantage, because at any time there may be a need for new music (if you are creating a video and promoting your video channel on an ongoing basis, of course).

If you need one or more tracks, you can buy my music on the track on any stock site from Stock Music section. Prices for one track is various: maybe from $19 up to $39 per track. If you do not want to use stock sites to buy my tracks for some reason, send me an email via feedback form and I will offer you a 50% discount on each track and issue an individual invoice for payment. You will receive a direct link to download the track within 24 hours.

If I add your YouTube channel to the white list, you will not receive any copyright claims on your videos. I will add your YouTube channel to the white list for unlimited time. I use AdRev Content ID system to protect against unauthorized access.

If you  have additional question you can send me email via feedback form 🙂