“Pay Per Track” Offer

You do not always need access to the full library of my tracks. It can be quite a few to solve their specific task within the project. For these purposes, I decided to form a special offer for you, opening you access to licensing individual tracks in the original .wav format and with sub-versions for easier editing.

How to make a purchase of a single track

In this section you can pay and download two types of tracks: those registered and not registered in the Content ID system from AdRev. So please pay attention to the additional information (about registration track in Content ID system) and link to the feedback form in the track description about the inclusion of your channel in the white list. This procedure is a one-time. All your subsequent purchases will not require you to provide additional information – you can buy individual tracks on this site on your own 24 / 365.

  • Listen to the track in the player.
  • Click on the “Pay and Download” button and in the opened list you will see the description of the track with a link to the purchase.
  • After clicking on the “Pay” button you will be able to pay for the purchase with a bank card or through PayPal.
  • After payment in the window that opens, you will receive a unique license key for this track and you can download the track. Do not worry – this license key will come to your e-mail and will be duplicated to me, so you will not lose it.
  • If you want to receive an invoice – generate it yourself and download it by clicking on the link in the form window.

In the archive that you download along with the tracks is a license template, which you can fill in yourself. Just enter your personal data and license key:

  • Real name
  • Nick Name
  • Email
  • Company Name (if you need)
  • Company Adress (if you need)
  • Website
  • YouTube channel
  • License Key
  • Date

Save the received file in .pdf format and show it upon request in confirmation that you bought this track and have no right to monetize it. If you have any questions with monetization, feel free to email me through the feedback form.

An example of buying a track in the screenshots