Kids Music Editor’s Picks

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Track's from 11th to 21st

To The Sky (wav, mp3 / full + without back vocal + pdf + docx)
We Are Always Happy (wav, mp3 / full + without whistle + pdf + docx)
Smiley (wav, mp3 / full + short + version 1 + version 2 + version 3 + pdf + docx)
Fun 2 (wav, mp3 / full + short + without whistle + loop 1 + loop 2 + pdf + docx)
Upbeat (wav, mp3 / full + Instrumental + pdf + docx)
Happy Smile (wav, mp3 / full + Instrumental + pdf + docx)
So Happy (wav, mp3 / full + pdf + docx)
A Fun Game (wav, mp3 / full + pdf + docx)
Upbeat and Uplifting Song (wav, mp3 / full + pdf + docx)
Comedy (wav, mp3 / full + pdf + docx)
Upbeat and Funny Mood (wav, mp3 / full + pdf + docx)