Absolutely free music download’s for your YouTube Video. Download tracks here (please, see dropdown menu with free playlist’s in this section) and promote your channel for free! Monthly updates 🙂

I’m composer, my nickname is BeepCode (BMI IPI: 696636782) and I suggest three ways to use my music in your videos on your YouTube channel absolutely free:

1) If you have commercial video channel / channels on YouTube you can get  access to my entire portfolio with all tracks in mp3 (more than 500+ tracks) absolutely for free.

Also, if you need, you can download all my tracks via my SoundCloud page.

In exchange for the free use of my music on your channel, you must credit me in each of your videos, that use my music (in the description text below the video).

Simple copy & paste:

  • Song: “Song Name”
  • Music by BeepCode Media Production
  • Music Link:

2) If you need, you can download all my tracks via my SoundCloud page.

If it is more convenient for you to download my tracks from your account to SoundCloud, you can do it.

Each of my tracks has an extended description, in which all useful links related to this particular track are published, links to iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Deezer and other services (including streaming) are given, as well as my contacts in social networks (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

You can also self-repost my tracks in your personal social network accounts. It will help other people to also listen and download my tracks for free. Do not hesitate to share the information you have with friends and in general with everyone. I am sure that all of us will only get better from this 🙂

3) You can also download for free all of my composer portfolio for free and use the tracks in your videos or commercial projects absolutely for free on the basis of a blanket license when you register on this site and fill out special cue sheets on each track.

Blanket licensing is a special mechanism that is very useful not only for large channels and marketing agencies, but also for youtube. Pay your attention to this great additional opportunity 🙂

I can highlight a few points that will help you realize the meaning of using my music for free in your videos.

Video-bloggers have a constant need for music as a background. Music makes the video more attractive and allows you to pick it up on the YouTube top-list faster and more efficiently than without music. This is a known fact. I specifically wrote the music for the video, adapted it and now I suggest you download it completely free of charge and use as much in your videos as you wish in full without any restrictions.

The only request for you – please, credit me in your video’s (in the description text below the video) and and provide a link to this site. You can read more about this further.

A few words about the Content ID system from AdRev.

All my tracks from basic catalog are registered in the Content ID system from AdRev. This allows me to protect my music from unauthorized use. Of course, I don’t feel sorry if someone wants to take any of my tracks and make a good video, place it on your channel, so that all viewers enjoy watching 🙂

But sometimes it happens that someone else (not the author) registers an audio track (for example, free from registration in Content ID system music) under his own name, thereby transferring this music to another category – commercially licensed  – but it is not always good 🙁 , since many youtuber’s do not want to monetize their videos – they just share their creativity with everyone.

In order to resolve this issue, I initially registered my music in the Content ID system from AdRev and at the moment my portfolio is managed through commercial and non-commercial licensing. It is legal, convenient and safe for all participants.

However, it does not prevent you from including music under the license CC BY 4.0 in your videos, promoting them, receiving traffic, directing it to your additional commercial channels and getting your profits from there, but you don’t can monetize you’re video in this case for this option.

Few word’a monetization about… The issue of monetization is decided by licensing. If you have a commercial license, you can monetize your videos. You can either buy a license, or get it for free in exchange for services (you can read about it below). Sometimes the second method is much more profitable, because you do not need to incur additional financial costs. This is a bonus – you use your resource (for example, a video channel on YouTube) to further expand your capabilities.

So, if you do not plan to monetize your video, then this offer, in my opinion, is the best for you 🙂

But if you want to monetize your video and get an income you can become my Patron and download No Copyright Music in this section.

And if you still want to monetize your videos completely legal and make money, you can always just buy a subscription plan at a very low price 🙂

Additional information about Content ID system you can read here

How do video channels fit this offer?

It is well known that young channels do not have a sufficient audience and subscribers, therefore, it is more difficult for them to promote. In accordance with the new rules of YouTube, to enable monetization on the channel, you first need to gain at least 1000 subscribers and a certain number of views per month. For novice channels this is problematic and is associated with various difficulties, including the lack of music content for video. Realizing this fact, I decided to form this exclusive offer especially for you.

What specific benefits does your music use under the license CC BY-NC 4.0?

  1. You get immediately, simultaneously access to more than 500+ high-quality music tracks in different genres.
  2. License CC BY-NC 4.0 gives you the full legal right to use my music in your videos without any restrictions. The link in the description under your videos to this website solves this problem.
  3. If you have (or you plan to create) a new video channel, then you have a great opportunity to create your videos quickly, over a long period of time, without thinking about where you will take the music.

So, you can generate traffic from your videos and, despite the fact that monetization using registered tracks in the Content ID system (used without a license) will be disabled, you can still generate traffic and send it to your commercial channels. Many video bloggers have several video channels, among which there are those that bring them real income every day.

Good luck and thanks for collaboration!

BeepCode 🙂