Cue Sheets Designer

Correct, timely and accurate filling of the cue sheets helps the production company or publisher who uses the music of the author to comply with the law and regulations, and the author to receive income for the results of their work 🙂

Brief instructions for right filling out the form

  1. Choose tracks in .mp3 that are suitable for your project from free playlists and download them. In the title of each track is its BMI ID.
  2. Download two template of cue sheets from the BMI and fill in any of them of your choice. These cue sheets are equivalent. Download cue sheet template in .pdf / Download cue sheet template in .xlsx.
  3. Carefully fill in the fields of the form below, attach to it the previously filled cue sheets from the BMI and the additional information specified in the BMI instruction. Send the form to me. It will take you no more than 5-7 minutes.
  4. Within 1 business day, I will redirect this information to the BMI.
  5. In parallel, you can also independently send the above documents directly to the BMI at the contacts specified by them, namely, by e-mail: cjingles[@]
  6. After receiving the completed cue sheets from you and this form, I will send you links to download selected tracks in the original .wav format, since it is more convenient to do the editing in this format and individual Full Access License for unlimited using my tracks from cue sheets in your project.

It’s all 🙂

Additional information about me (for BMI cue sheets for all my tracks):

  1. Writer information: BeepCode / BMI / CAE# 696636782 / share 200%
  2. Publisher information: Excess writer clearance / – /  –  / 0%